NID New Italian Dance Platform
Reggio Emilia 10-13 October 2019

NID Platform

Italian Dance Web Platform: the new virtual platform for Italian dance

by a.Artisti Associati

When we started to work on the website for the 2017 edition of NID Platform, we realised that the IT tools currently available gave us the possibility to take the event to a larger scale. Thus, we envisaged a place where to recreate NID Platfrom virtually, and reach one of the goals set four years ago upon its birth: become the contact point for the Italian companies and operators of the dance sector, at the national and international level. There is indeed no better place than the internet for a platform which aims at connecting many subjects, also beyond the four days of NID Platform.

From these assumptions, we started to design a website aimed at our main stakeholders – artists, operators and the public. The idea which took shape is that of an “in progress” and dynamic website, which develops though different stages, with a section intended for lastinng also beyond the event. We worked with this platform in mind since the very beginning, when the call was published.

For a company, the call is a moment of extensive production of materials: pictures, videos and presentation texts are always prepared with remarkable care, so as to ensure the best possible presentation to one’s artistic proposal. Why not enhance this work by creating an on-line portfolio with these materials, permanently available to operators? We turned this hunch into a portal. We created a form which allows to make a request online and upload the materials which, after the verification of all formal requirements, will be visible on single files – one for each artistic proposal. All the eligible proposals, regardless of the selection for NID Platform 2017, will have visibility in turn on the homepage in this forst stage. Finally, each file will turn into a “page of the artistic proposals”: the pages will form a section of the website, available to operators at any time.

In the next stages the homepage will be dedicated to the companies on schedule, the side events, practical information and on-line tickets. The website will also feature a blog section, with original contents and constantly updated: interviews to the commissioners and to those playing a prominent role in NID Platform, insights on Italian dance, short videos and other creative contents in order to engage and train the public.

In-progress contents, online calls for artists, independent pages dedicated to proposals and available at any time to operators: this is the new website of NID Platform, which is gearing up to be the first online platform for Italian dance.