NID New Italian Dance Platform
Reggio Emilia 10-13 October 2019

NID Platform

ATER – Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare 


ATER – Emilia-Romagna’s Theater Association is curiously both the prime mover and the final product of the live performance system in the Emilia-Romagna Region, one of Italy’s most significant districts for the production, enjoyment, and distribution of artistic entertainment of the kind.

In over 50 years of history (officially founded in 1964, but unofficially active years earlier) ATER has stayed true to its original mission: encourage the development and greater popularity of live entertainment on a changing regional and national panorama. The recognition gained in 2015 from designation as the Emilia-Romagna Interdisciplinary Circuit manager has brought fresh impetus to the relaunching of the Association’s original mission, providing new opportunities to protagonists throughout the region by means of virtuous collaboration with local institutions. 

ATER works for the promotion, enhancement, development, and dissemination at regional, national, and international level of drama, music, dance, live performance, cultural events and related educational activities staged in theaters.

ATER has fathered what are known today as the Emilia-Romagna “Arturo Toscanini” Symphony Orchestra, the “Emilia Romagna Teatro” (ERT) regional theater company, and Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto. Each structure is based in a different regional capital while remaining associated with ATER, its “parent company”, of which the Emilia-Romagna Region is proud to be the leading sponsor.




Fondazione I Teatri


Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia was set up in 2002.

Its activities encompass every sector of live performance through six seasons – Opera, Concerts, Dance, Drama, Musical-Operetta, Children’s Theater – the Aperto Festival, dedicated to contemporary music, dance, and performing arts, the “Paolo Borciani” Prize, an international competition for string quartets, and the “Casa del Quartetto” string quartet residence program with a full schedule of concerts oriented to schools at every age and level, conferences, educational projects, exhibitions, installations, and numerous collateral activities.

As required by its wide range of activities, Fondazione I Teatri avails of a theater system unique in all the nation: three theaters – Teatro Municipale R. Valli, Teatro Ariosto, and Teatro Cavallerizza – each of which looks out over the same square in the center of town, each with its own distinctive architectural connotations and vocation for performance.




Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto


Established in 2003 by its founding partners the Emilia-Romagna Region and the City of Reggio Emilia, Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto is the nation’s only entirely publicly-owned dance production center.

It conducts its principle activity of producing and distributing dance performances through Aterballetto, Italy’s leading dance company and the first permanent institution after the Opera Foundations.

The dance foundation’s prime objective is clear: implement cultural policy by not only interpreting an artistic mission in the 2018-2020 three-year period in order to generate the desired “return” on the investments made by Mibac, the Emilia-Romagna, and the City of Reggio Emilia with strategic local, national, and international vision; enliven a new institution capable of promoting and further developing dance culture in Italy; project the image of Italian dance and its artists at international level.

The cultural policy that the Foundation purses in every direction is one of integration and cooperation in developing project platforms destined to host “travelling companions” linked to dance as much as theater, art, music, and the production of social thinking and reflection.

Since 2015, Fondazione Nazionale della Danza has assumed the dimensions of a Dance Production Center, opening the door to residency programs, performances by Italian and international companies, and collaboration in various forms of training.




The Emilia-Romagna Anticorpi network 


Anticorpi is a network of Exhibitions, Festivals, and Creative Residences operating in Emilia-Romagna in support of the training and promotion of young new dance and dancers. Founded in 2006, coordinated by the Cantieri Danza Association, its ten partner members are: Teatro Comunale Claudio Abbado di Ferrara, Danza Urbana – Bologna, Tir Danza – Modena, L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora – Mondaino (Rimini), Europa Teatri -Parma, Teatro delle Briciole / Solares Fondazione delle Arti – Parma, Associazione Cantieri – Ravenna, Santarcangelo dei Teatri – Santarcangelo (Rimini), Teatro Gioco Vita – Piacenza, and Fondazione I Teatri – Reggio Emilia – that provide a point of reference for the development of dance in the Region.