NID New Italian Dance Platform
Reggio Emilia 10-13 October 2019

NID Platform

Ballade – Gōlem

Teatro Municipale Valli - Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio 1, Reggio Emilia - Thursday 10 October, 9.30 pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Choreography by: Susanna Beltrami / Erika Silgoner


Ballade Davide Boi, Chetan Chauhan, Fabrizio Calanna, Fabio Calvisi, Cristian Cucco, Mario Giallanza, Marco Labellarte, Alessandro Lely, Giovanni Leone, Sly, Simone Paris, Matteo Vignali

Gōlem Noemi Dalla Vecchia, Gloria Ferrari e Francesca Bedin

Other credits:


Ballade Music and live performance (piano): Cesare Picco, Lyrics and voice off: Claudio Delì Santarelli, Company assistant: Arianna Guaglione, Lighting designer: Matteo Bittante, Sound designer: Daniele Valentini, Co-production: DANCEHAUSpiù – Milanoltre Festival, In collaboration with: Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli di Cremona, Supported by: NEXT 2018-2019 Regione Lombardia

Gōlem Production: Esklan Art’s Factory, with the support of: DANCEHAUSpiù  




Ballade – Preghiera profana  

A lonely wandering in the outskirts of the city, a ballad, a drunk walk that becomes a desperate run, a scream that tears the rainy night. An original rewrite in a “street-romantic” key starting from The Night just before the forest of B. M. Koltès. A meeting between choreography, corporeality, word and sound to sing the song of the man Koltès that is inexorably approaching the end of his life. The song of all those who have been relegated to the margins, in that space “just before” which is a physical and existential place. (Susanna Beltrami)


Gōlem – massa grezza 

The word “golem” appears within the Holy Scriptures and means “light form”, a “raw” material. It is the human being who is not finished in front of the eyes of God, he is Adam. In modern Hebrew it takes instead the meaning of “mute” or “defenceless”. There is a Jewish legend that tells of a giant molded into clay, devoid of verb and soul, but incredibly strong and resistant, created in order to serve and protect its creator and the people of Israel. The choreographer Erika Silgoner, fascinated by this anthropomorphic figure, revisits the myth of the “Golem” to investigate the existential limits of contemporary man and the complex laws that govern life.


Susanna Beltrami

Susanna Beltrami’s name first came to fame upon her return from the Merce Cunningham Foundation of New York in 1986 as one of the initial exponents of contemporary dance in Italy. Immediately appointed to teaching and management positions at the most important north-Italian dance training centers, she proved to be a pioneer in modern and contemporary dance in Italy with her innovative choreographic work that blended different forms of artistic expression together. After working closely with musicians, sound designers and Italian directors such as Maurizio Scaparro, Giorgio Albertazzi, and Andrée Ruth Shammah, in 1998 she founded the Pier Lombardo Dance Company - now known as Compagnia Susanna Beltrami – together with prima ballerina Luciana Savignano. Their intention was to train a new generation of dancers guided by unceasing evolution and a continuous will to put themselves to the test and exceed the limits of their own imagination. Bodies are born from the most demanding dance technique but must also be malleable and receptive for shaping by the founder’s creative inspiration. Both the path and destination of Compagnia Susanna Beltrami are the reworking of intrinsic dance mechanisms in fusion with aesthetics and poetics. Performances are often unconventional and aimed at mixing dance and art, as Beltrami herself explains: “My creations arise through dance and music with the complicity of drama and the love for theatrical art. Every time means diving into new encounters and collaborations, and especially measuring ourselves with other established languages such as architecture, literature, design, sound, and much else”. Their latest choreographic creations include: Rolling Idols, Con Tus Ojos, Io Sono il Bianco del Nero, and Ballade–Preghiera Profana. The Company is one of the residents of DANCEHAUSpiù, the Production Centre co-directed by Susanna Beltrami, and a partner of DanceHaus, of which she was a founding partner herself in 2006.

Erika Silgoner

Born in Catania in 1975, where she began studying ballet at the age of 6. At the age of 14, she moved with scholarship in Paris. 
She continued her studies in London, New York and L.A. 
She perfect her contemporary style in the USA and extends its parallel training experience as a dancer combining ballet and contemporary with her personal research in hip hop. 
Principal dancer and assistant choreographer in the “Spellbound Contemporary Ballet”directed by Mauro Astolfi in Italy, she is an eclectic dancer with strong skills, continued to enrich her style and her artistic personality playing different roles. 
She had an artistic collaboration with Fortebraccio Teatro dir. Roberto Latini for the production of METAMORFOSI (tour in San Gimignano, Castiglioncello, Casalecchio, Roma). 
In 2015 she founded the company “Esklan Art’s Factory” as artistic director and choreographer, on tour among years in Italy and all over the world. 
 Winner of First prize choreography at Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart in 2017 with the solo ?Ima. 
She was invited as choreographer guest in Festival Oriente Occidente Rovereto, Opolski Festival Poland, Meteorite Dance Festival in Russia, MDF China, MAS Danza Festival, Festival TanzOffensive Hannover, Black Box Festival Bulgaria, Prisma Festival PANAMA, etc and she teach professional classes and workshop all over Europe (Italy and abroad). 
In 2019 in Residency in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, to create the new solo “Cinderella” (SIT MAS DANZA RESIDENCY, Sala Insular de Teatro). 
In 2019 will be in production at CDSH of Hamburg with graduation students. 


Dancehauspiù is a National Dance Production Center based in Milan and founded in 2011 through the common wish of three different organizations, DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami, Associazione ContART, and Associazione ArtedanzaE20 | Festival Exister, all willing to increase and unify their objectives and skills. Since 2015, the Centre has been subsidized by the City of Milan, the Lombardia Region and the Ministry of Culture in its activities of promotion and audience education. It was recognized as a Dance Production Centre - the fourth in Italy – and financially supported by the Ministry of Culture in 2018. Dancehauspiù is currently co-directed by Susanna Beltrami, Matteo Bittante, and Annamaria Onetti, and plays an important nation-wide role in the development of contemporary dance, supporting and hosting artistic productions, residence programs, national and international networks, and choreographic showcases like the Exister Festival. The Centre supports the production, promotion, and staging of works of art by its resident companies: Compagnia Susanna Beltrami, Dancehaus Company, and Dancehaus Company Junior, the latter formed by dancers graduated from DanceHaus’ Academies. It also supports the dance works of its Associated Artists through co-productions at both national and international level. This open and multidisciplinary project inspired by Centres Chorégraphiques and European Houses of Dance will continue giving voice to different artistic experiences linked to dance and other media, catalyzing new collaborations with cultural and social actors, serving as incubator for innovative projects dedicated to young choreography, and developing specific audience-addressed engagements and learning activities.